Ultimate Tennis

Ultimate Tennis
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Sport

Ultimate Tennis - Tennis great for your android device.The game features a variety of tennis players as well as being different courts.The game system is implemented modeling clothes in the game, ie,during the match, the players wear on realistic changes its shape depending on the situation.Managing convenient, everything is perfectly optimized for both phone and tablet.You can play with real players in the online game.The physics engine of the game recreates the realistic movement of characters and the trajectory of the ball.At this point in the game 50 unique players.

Russian language: no
Internet: required for multiplayer

1.16.12500 ASD ASD - Improved multiplayer 1 ASD ASD

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17 Jun450


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Ultimate Tennis
Ultimate Tennis

Excellent tennis with multiplayer and excellent physics engine.

17 Jun450
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Excellent football manager where you have to manage your football team.

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Participate in the world championship of 2014 badminton and take first place.

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