Stockcars Unleashed

Stockcars Unleashed
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Race

It is worth noting that recently came out on mobile platforms are not too many decent racing games, and most of the projects of this genre was purely arcade character.In turn, the developer studio Madcowie Productions has decided to please us with a series of original races in retro style.As it turned out, based on visual performance from the beginning of the 90s, and adding to all this original idea, you can create quite fit the game project.
first part of a series called Stockcars Unleashed, and is a race to the ring is not quite the usual means of transport.You can of course shoot opponents in the company and on a normal car, but it is not so interesting when you have to be a tractor, equipment for the transport of livestock and other agricultural means of transport.

Russian language: no

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