Smashy Road: Wanted

Smashy Road: Wanted
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Race

Smashy Road: Wanted - Exciting race, open world.Your main task is to escape from the police.With every kilometer, the police will strengthen their forces.Up until when will come the tanks and combat helicopters on you.Just as the game progresses, you'll unlock new cars.The levels will also vary, depending on your car.Be careful with tank trucks, if you embed in them, your car may turn over.Start with ordinary passenger cars, and finish this tank, smashing everything in its path.Well, the chase time has come!

  • More than 30 cars
  • Random generation of the world
  • Excellent sound

Russian language:
no Internet: not required

1.2.0ASD ASD 0 - 30 new vehicles ASD ASD 11.2.2
- Fixed bugs

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