OS: Android 4.1
Category: Race

Psebay - quite atmospheric material with excellent panache and unusual levels.The game definitely will appeal to fans to drive a motorcycle over rough terrain.Himself a motorcycle, as such you will not see only its dark silhouette will remind you of what you control.Levels so as not quite ordinary, in one land from under the feet may leave and will be grass and the track above you.Think about that as such may not be worth it.You just have to play and to control his vehicle.Easy management, does not cause any addiction, so that anyone can find a common language with him.

Russian language: Unknown

- Added new option in
settings - Added option " Alt visualization. "( If you have problems with playing the game)
- Fixed bugs and improved some features
- Endless level was improved and became more complicated
- Added advanced
graphics settings - Added option in controls menu " Reverse Gas / Brake "
- Added new interface languages ​​, as well as the option to select
language - Added support for gamepad
- Optimization, fixing bugs and further improve

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16 Aug20


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