Pixel Wizard

Pixel Wizard
OS: Android 4.1
Category: Arcade

Pixel Wizard - classic retro platformer about magical adventures of a good magician.Our magician was in a terrible castle, and to get from there he will use his magic wand and come face to face with golbinami and ghouls that will await the hero at every turn.Travel the vast and intricate world, makes its way through all the barriers and obstacles and try to reach the forest.Solve challenging puzzles by using their brains and do not let your hero die.Your choice in this game presents different characters with different abilities.

Russian language: no

- Fixed bugs
- Optimization

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29 Jun50


Duel for Dragons
Duel for Dragons

Funny arcade game with RPG elements with unusual graphics and design.

12 Jul20

Checking the elixir of youth on a real old lady failed miserably. She imagines himself a super hero with unique abilities and aim to save the world from the alarms and flies!

18 Jan00
Fishing Adventure
Fishing Adventure

Help the two Vikings to catch a fish for dinner. Manage and seine boat, to capture a time as much as possible. Just keep in mind the load on the network and the monster, which periodically attempts to break it!

18 Jan20