Nitro Dash

Nitro Dash
OS: Android 4.1
Category: Race

Nitro Dash - addictive pixel game about the race on the cars.At your disposal a variety of different cars and drivers.And your main task is to collect as many points as possible, while not to be killed.It is not quite easy, because on the road just a bunch of obstacles.Sami obstacles, too, will change, depending on what route you choose.If this street, then wait for the dense traffic cars, and a lot of pedestrians.If this is the way out of town, it can happen anything.In some modes, the machine will fall from the sky, in others, you need to keep your passengers on the roof, that had he not fallen.The game is very interesting, and is perfect in order to pass the time.

Russian language:
no Internet: not required

- Fixed bugs
- New maps
- New cars
- Bonuses every day

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