Living colors LWP

Living colors LWP
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Live Wallpaper

Living colors LWP - living wallpaper for android that will immerse you in an endless world of colors and unusual shapes.Install this live wallpaper in your phone or tablet and enjoy the color explosion speeding in front of your eyes.The tinctures of these wallpapers you will find the 14 unusual with incredible combinations of colors and tones.Choose you liked best picture and attach it to the main screen, and if you have not decided on a picture, set the automatic mode and the background will change randomly.Also pick up the light intensity of the background.

Russian language: no

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5 Jun80


Spring Flowers 3D Parallax
Spring Flowers 3D Parallax

Spring live wallpaper with effect of Parallax.

4 Jun160
3D LiveWallpaper Dark City
3D LiveWallpaper Dark City

Live wallpaper with a huge metropolis night in full 3D.

29 Jun70
Battlefield Cry Lite
Battlefield Cry Lite

Live Wallpaper with excellent graphics and detailed drawing for fans of Battlefield.

22 May90