OS: Android 2.3
Category: Arcade

Jumpers - jumper on android, where you'll be helping the heroes of fun to jump on the platforms.Jump as high as possible, moving around the weighing platform in the air, and collect points.Tap the screen at the right time so that your hero has made the jump and do not forget to tilt your device by changing the direction of the board, avoiding a collision with mines.Be extremely careful and cautious in order not to miss a platform and fall down, if that happens, the game will end for you and have to start again.Set your record in this game for the speed of its passage, and take your place on the leaderboard.

Russian language: no

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29 Jun60


Square to Square
Square to Square

Compose the falling figures in a special order and do it as quickly as possible.

20 Feb00
Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra

Kosmome fly in and destroy all that to us priblezhaetsya, music a direct influence on what is happening on the screen.Ability to set their own tunes.

6 Oct280
Deep Loot
Deep Loot

Brave diver in search of treasure in the deep sea.

30 May40