Freak Circus Racing

Freak Circus Racing
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Race

Love the crazy rides, but do not like the rules and regulations?Do you like fast cars, but you have tired of supercars?Want to take part in the race for survival, but for some reason, can not you?What, then, Freak Circus Racing just for you.While this race developers put aside all the usual canons of the genre and gave us the opportunity to take part in a crazy race.
Freak Circus Racing game that despite the arcade has realistic physics, if I may say so, because all the cars is the fruit of imagination of developers, and the characters are different cranks with which you and will compete.In this game the main victory, push, crashed, overtake, cut off, there are no rules, and to win you need all your cunning, because the opponents are not born yesterday.And having played with virtual opponents you can compete with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Russian language: no

- Fixed bugs
- New game mode: King of the Hill
- A new impulse: Clown gum
- Many optimizations and fixes bugs
- New " Halloween " mode: Ivy rabbits and get rewards!
- New Daily bonus: Wheel Crank!
- New " King of the mountain " Level Blingvill!
- New Objects to gain: Megashlem, Gaykomagnit, Live spring festive balloons
- Support Everyplay: write and praise the achievements of gaming!
- Many optimizations and fixes bugs

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