Five hundred english words

Five hundred english words
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Books

Five hundred english words - a unique app for learning English.The app is very simply constructed, in the beginning you will see all 500 words.Of these, you'll choose who you know and what you study.After selecting all the words, you go straight to the study.

  • Translation is made in Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​
  • Audio playback of speech is performed using a speech synthesizer Google
  • Default sound recording words is displayed in the native language in a simplified form
  • Words are divided into
  • category at the momentexit program has its base 500 words, but it does not limit plans 1,000 words
  • it is possible to change the colors of the interface, if the colors are configured by default, are not suitable for better perception

Russian language: yes
Internet: norequired

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