Doctor Kids

Doctor Kids
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Arcade

Doctor Kids / Children's doctor - Great game for you and your children!In the game there is no violence, various creepy monsters and scary!If your child wants to be a doctor, then this app is right for you!Treat children from a wide variety of diseases, are going through a lot of mini-games and develop themselves and their child in the medical field!

  • Friendly content for children( without violence, zombies or scary)
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Intuitive
  • Endless Visitors
  • 6 unique doctor's offices

Russian language: no

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21 May230


Zombie Age 2
Zombie Age 2

Continued good arcade rpg. At this time, you will find a greater dynamic action.

5 Oct90
Marble Droid
Marble Droid

The task is simple as never before - the ball rolled to the end of the level, collecting bonuses and going through all the obstacles. If you think this is a trifling matter - then try it!And suddenly you get?

20 Jun70
Glob Trotters: Endless Runner
Glob Trotters: Endless Runner

Extremely simple, but they are even more addictive arcade.

14 Jul10