Dirt On Tires [Offroad]

Dirt On Tires [Offroad] - manage a powerful SUV and spend it on numerous routes.This simulator on Android, you can choose a car of ten in the game, and to transport goods over long distances.The game will give you a boundless expanse, from the swampy and peat areas to deserts and snow-capped mountains.Choose your suitable cargo and carry it in the shortest time looking for workarounds and best routes.The faster you deliver the goods to the destination, the greater will be your reward.Better and tuning your car, making it more aggressive and passable.

Russian language: yes

- Two new species of cargo
- New mode to transport cargo
- New decorations
- Working barrier
- Fixed bugs in the garage
new map
- Fixed a bug with the sticky keys
- ZIS-5 was added in honor of May 9!
- Fixed a bug with the preservation

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