Dikemba Survival

Dikemba Survival
OS: Android 3.0
Category: Rpg

Dikemba Survival - It has long dreamed to play for a naked, hungry aborigine?Then this game is definitely to your taste.She does not have some sort of special history, or zamorochennogo plot is very simple.You start your game on the island, and all you have is a stick in his hand and the desire to eat something.And from that moment and you have to go a long way to survive.At first, everything is simple, you have to produce their own food, water and all kinds of resources, but the fun starts at night.Other, no less hungry natives want to kill you, and that this would not happen you will need to carefully examine the entire system of crafting this game.Since small you build your house, upgrade your weapons, stock up with food, and then there is full can can fight all who decide to bite off a piece of you!

Russian language:
no Internet: not required

- Fixed bugs
- Fixed bugs
Added new animal: crab, wild boar
- Fixed bugs
- Added a new weapon
- Added new animal

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Total: 21
cache to Dikemba Survival game: folder from the archive to unpack sdcard /Android/ obb
- so you should get: sdcard /Android/obb/com.cfg.dikembasurvival/
- decompressed cache size 155 MB
- install apk, run the game!
30 Jun160


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