Criminal Case

Criminal Case
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Puzzle

Since time immemorial, the confrontation between good and evil is inherent in the subject was human creativity, poetry, literature, painting.With the development of civilization and social society mythical heroes and villains have taken over the human form, and for the most part were perceived as police and crime combating.Not the last role in the formation of such an image played movies and TV.Thanks to a well-known TV series police work and forensic laboratories has become extremely popular.And probably many gamers dream to participate in such an exciting process, the process of solving a crime.
What you now have the opportunity to take part in the capture of the offender from your sofa.
Criminal Case for Android quest game in which you will be able to solve the crime from start to finish, collecting evidence, conducting interviews, analyzing the information and evidence.

Russian language: no

- Fixed bugs
2.9ASD ASD 0 - Unknown 1 ASD ASD

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