Crime Inc

Crime Inc
OS: Android 1.5
Category: Arcade

Crime Inc - online game for android you immerse yourself in a world which is ruled by money and weapons.honesty and integrity of the Word like a myth out there.
only works when connected to the Internet.

  • Create your crew and equip them with custom weapons
  • Full jobs to fund your crime syndicate
  • Expand your family to help you in epic wars with your enemies
  • destroy rivals on the real-time list of generosity
  • Moving up the ladder's top 10,000 bosses
  • Always free to play

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1 Jul40


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Nice platformer with elements of action and runner.

19 Jul3860
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10 Aug30
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Fate decreed that, after a shipwreck, you hit on a desert island and you start from scratch there is life - grow food and animals, build new buildings, to develop technologies and progress!

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