bit Dungeon

bit Dungeon
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Rpg

bit Dungeon - the background of one of the most popular pixel rolevok, which will tell us how it all began.And so, you wake up in a dark dungeon, how much you spent there, hours or days, you do not remember, but in fact you do not remember.The only thing you do not doubt is that your wife is in danger.Thoroughly inspect your prison you find the sword, and immediately set off to look for a way out.Getting out of the camera you find yourself in a huge cave cheese, just infested by monsters, monsters, and other undead.Cut through by a horde of aggressive locals your task is to find their wives and snatch it from the clawed paws underground creatures.
In general, the bit Dungeon is a classic bagel, with all the inherent attributes of the genre, but the developers diluted gameplay and elements typical for desktop role-playing games.

Russian language: no

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1 Jul220


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