Atom All in One Widgets

Atom All in One Widgets
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Widgets
Tags: widgets

Atom All in One Widgets - Do you have sometimes happened that it was necessary to add widgets on the desktop, and eventually they became so much that instead of convenience, they are just beginning to get in the way, and his litter.So this application is intended to solve this problem once and for all.This is a collection of the most popular widgets, in one convenient app.And as with the ability to customize their appearance.

  • More than 12 kinds of different watch
  • Many additional widgets
  • design Setting

Russian language: no

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25 Jul60


Beautiful Battery Disc
Beautiful Battery Disc

Rather, it is the most beautiful and easy disc battery widget for android in the form of a circle

16 Sep90
Animated Weather Widget&Clock
Animated Weather Widget&Clock

Animated Widget Shatner & Slutsk

30 Aug150
Magic Ball - widget
Magic Ball - widget

Battery Widget for android, which is perfectly compatible with any smartphone desktop design.

30 Sep40