Angry Birds Stella POP

Well, who has not heard of the famous studio Rovio and their legendary series of Angry Birds.Probably not find such people among the owners of mobile devices.Recently, Rovio moved away from the traditional game mechanics evil birds and released a series of arcades on the famous universe, it gonochki RPG and arcade, and of course their favorite characters.
Angry Birds Stella POP - arcade puzzle with a clear game mechanics and elements of the strategy which is actually in all games of the series, you have to overcome treacherous pigs and release of imprisoned heroes.Using the shooting colored balls slingshot, the shot so to combine the elements of the same color, and thereby give freedom to the poor animal.And all sorts of combos, power-ups and amplifiers to help you in passing the very difficult levels.

Russian language: yes

- 20 new levels
- Serene river landscape
- Bug fixes and other improvements
- New levels
- 20 new levels
- New location
- New bonuses

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